The atmosphere at our church is welcoming, casual, contemplative, and worshipful. Our music style is blended, which is to say it brings together the best of the traditional hymns as well as contemporary worship songs. We hope you'll find it to be deeply meaningful and Spirit-led.


We hope you'll visit us sometime soon.

Open Worship


During our Meeting for Worship each week there is a period of reverent quietness grounded in the deeply held Quaker conviction that each person can have a direct experience of the Spirit of Christ. This is a silence of expectant listening in which we open ourselves to Christ’s spirit and to each other. Participants are not expected to say or do anything other than join in this openness. Some people experience a profound sense of awe or an awareness of the presence of God. Others experience a subtle sense of an indefinable spiritual dimension.


However, since we rarely experience silence in everyday life, it is also not unusual to be distracted by outside noise or roving thoughts. Do not be concerned if worship in silence feels uncomfortable at first. Should someone feel drawn by the Spirit to speak, pray, sing or read, the silence will be broken and the gathering enriched.